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What is Google Translate?

Google translate is an online tool that allows you to translate text or entire web sites. You can translate to and from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (simplified). Google Translate also allows you to search for websites written in over 100 languages with language-specific versions of Google.

MultiTranse is an online translation software that employs free online resources to translate to English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Norwegian (only English-Norwegian is available). The program can translate specific words, phrases, sentences or even small texts, up to 6000 symbols at a time. The program is 100% Unicode compatible, automatically determines font, encodes Unicode text into any ANSI format and the other way around. If the font is not found in the user's computer, the program offers an option to download it from the Microsoft's official website. The program comes with a multilingual user interface that is very simple and easy to use. First, you insert text, either by typing it, copying from the clipboard or opening a file. Then, press the button that identifies the language of the original. The next step is to choose the language the word, phrase, sentence or text needs to be translated to. Press the button to start translation. Important: You must have the Internet connection established! The results will appear in short time. Best of all, MultiTranse is distributed online as shareware, which means you can try it risk free at no cost to you. Download your copy now! Visit:

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