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Procedures Needed in Starting Your Own Business

  • Apply for Federal Employer Identification Number with IRS.
  • Apply for Sales Tax Registration Number in the State you plan to operate your business.
  • Register Business in city, county, or state you plan to operate your business.
  • Apply for Dun & Bradstreet Number for your business.
  • Get Business Professional and Occupational Licenses in your city or county if required.
  • Define business name.
  • State purpose of business. Example: ADP Computer Services, Business Consulting, Retail Sales, and Personal Services.
  • Identify Location of business:
  • Identify officers or principles of business:
Bank References:
  • Identify Bank(s) in which you plan to do business banking with.
  • Get Business Checking and Savings Accounts
Business Resources: Trade References:
  • List trade references of companies you have rendered or sole products to, or purchased products and services from.
Visit the following web sites and take action: Small Business Administration: Small Business Package Preparation  Small Business Financing Internal Revenue Service US Patent Trade Mark Office: Entrepreneur Resources: CEOTRAK - A Portal for Senior Executives Government Bid and Contract: Business Consulting Resources: Business Events Lawyers - Law Firms - Legal Assistance Nonprofit Charitable Organizations Investing Resources and Opportunities Unisinc Business Resources:

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