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Welcome to the Microsoft® NetShow™ Content Creation Authoring Guide

Imagine that you could look over the shoulder of a content producer when they talk about and demonstrate how they go through all the steps from planning to delivering a cool NetShow multimedia presentation. Well, this is your chance to do just that!

There are three main resources in this Web site which, depending on your level of expertise, will assist you in developing multimedia content. If you want an overview of the multimedia content creation process, visit the Multimedia Basics section.

If you feel comfortable with the basics of creating multimedia content and want to start creating on-demand content with NetShow, you can go directly to one of the following sections: NetShow Overview, Audio, Illustrated Audio, or Video.

If you'd like to see the latest, hottest information about NetShow video and audio codecs, tips on creating content, and so on, here's your section: Hot Topics is the place to go for the latest and greatest content creation news, information, and guidelines. It's the first place you might want to look for that "must know" information.

The navigation bar at the left allows you to easily move between sections, depending on your needs.

The NetShow Content Creation Authoring Guide is an evolving project; the more content we create, the more we learn about the processes. The information in this guide is current as of the time it is posted for downloading on the Microsoft NetShow Web site. Updated versions are planned to be frequently released, so be sure and check back for new information.

With this edition of the CCAG, we've brought in several new areas in your quest for Webcasting wisdom:
  • Codecs: A new study of codecs and their applications in multi-platform environments.

  • Working with NetShow: NetShow Encoder. Find the latest discussion of the steps involved in the planning and production processes for content creation based on Microsoft NetShow Encoder, including optimizing video and audio, and developing and delivering a NetShow Encoder-based broadcast.

  • Live Encoding: The Guide to Live Webcasting describes the scenario of Webcasting a live event from a location remote to the point of network service, encoding for both video and audio on site and distributed to the Internet.

    Two new sections of the CCAG's Hot Topics area:

  • General NetShow Know-How
  • NetShow Encoder

    Each of these new areas endeavors to answer those frequently asked questions involving content creation using NetShow!

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