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This page provides a complete, annotated listing of all the main categories contained in the NetShow Content Creation Authoring Guide.

Multimedia Basics: What's the real story in creating multimedia?
Overview of NetShow and its tools
Working with NetShow Audio
Creating NetShow Illustrated Audio
Creating NetShow Video
Working with NetShow Encoder
Working with Codecs
CPU Utilization Study
Hot Topics
General Know How
Illustrated Audio
NetShow Glossary and Index

Multimedia Basicsup

Overview: Planning
Overview: Content Design and Development
Compressing Multimedia Content: Codecs
Overview: Hardware requirements
Overview: Software requirements
Creating Images: Planning
Production: Image source
Image File Formats
Images: Sample Content Creation Scenario
Acquiring and Licensing Images
Creating Audio: Planning
Production: Audio source
Audio File Formats
Compressing Audio Content: Codecs
Audio Sample Content Creation Scenario
Acquiring and Licensing Audio Content
Creating Video: Planning
Video source
Video File Formats
Video production
Compressing Video Content: Codecs
Video Sample Content Creation Scenario
Acquiring and Licensing Video Content

Overview of NetShow and Its Tools up

Overview: ASF Files
Overview: What goes into an .asf file?
Microsoft NetShow T.A.G. Author
Publish to Asf
NetShow Encoder
Powerpoint Internet Assistant
Audio Codecs
Video Codecs
Microsoft Media Player
NetShow Server
ASX Files
broadcast Content
Managing and Editing ASF Files

Working In NetShow Audio up

Overview: What Are We Doing?
Know Your Bandwidth
Use Audio That Will Compress Well
Have the Right Equipment
Perform Crucial Edits
Choose Your NetShow Features
Recording Audio
Transferring Audio to Your Computer
Editing Your Audio File
File Compression
Script Commands
Using the NetShow Microsoft NetShow T.A.G. Author
Using the WavToASF Conversion Tool
Spot-Testing Your File
Presentation of the Streaming Audio File
Stand-Alone Microsoft Media Player
Launching From the Web Page
Embedding the Microsoft Media Player
Providing the Player and Codecs
Delivering NetShow Audio
ASX Files
Setting Up Your Server
Testing NetShow Audio

Creating NetShow Illustrated Audio up

Planning Your Show
Why choose Illustrated Audio?
Use existing content or produce new source material
Hardware and Software Requirements
Preparing Your Content
Audio Production
Graphics Production
Video Production
PowerPoint Presentations
Building The NetShow ASF
The Microsoft NetShow T.A.G. Author
Script Commands
URL Flips
Error Correction
Saving the ASF File
Testing Your ASF File

Creating NetShow Video up

Overview: Video
Planning Issues
Setting a Budget
Hardware and Software Requirements
Selecting the Video Source
Bandwidth Issues
Audio Production
Video: Selecting the video source
Video: Shooting Tips
Video: Digitization
Video: Compressing Content
Video Editing
Building an ASF
Using the VidtoASF Tool
Adding script commands
Playing an ASF
Using the ASF Real-Time Encoder
Testing guidelines
Content Delivery
Optimizing Delivery using .asx files

Working with NetShow Encoderup

Planning Your Live Show
Planning Issues
Hardware and Software Requirements
Selecting Video and Audio Sources
Bandwidth Issues
Configuring NetShow Encoder
Quick Start Configuration
Template Configuration
Custom Configuration
Advanced Configuration Options
Editing a Configuration File
Delivering the Live Show
Outputting to a ASF file
Broadcasting an ASF stream
Embedding NetShow
Optimizing Delivery using ASX files
Calculating Estimated Capacity Requirements
Optimizing the Distribution System for Performance
Live Broadcasting Guide

Working with Codecsup

CPU Utilization Study: Encoding and Playback
Configuring the NetShow Encoder Video Quality Options
Microsoft NetShow Codec List
Microsoft NetShow Encoder Video Capture Card List

CPU Utilization Studyup

Study Summary
Hardware Configuration
Video Encoding Details
Video Playback Details
Video Test Methodology
Audio Encoding Details
Audio Playback Details
Audio Test Methodology

Hot Topicsup

General Know How
Illustrated Audio

Glossary/Definitions up

NetShow Content Creation Authoring Guide Glossary and Index