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Working with Codecs

Codec selection and configuration are one of the key factors in creating high-quality live and on-demand, stored content. One of the strengths of Microsoft NetShow is its ability to easily integrate new, evolving codecs so that the content producer can easily upgrade their production system. These topics are new to the 2nd Edition of the Content Creation Authoring Guide, so they have been separated out in order to easily locate the newest, important codec information.

CPU Utilization Study: Encoding and Playback

Configuring the NetShow Encoder Video Quality Options

Microsoft NetShow Shipped Codec List

Microsoft NetShow Encoder Video Capture Card List

Your "pipe" (the Kbps-rated speed of your network or internet connection, known as bandwidth) determines how much video, audio, and scripting you can Webcast: the compression/decompression (codecs) process makes it all possible.