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 Unisinc Hot Conference

Unisinc HotConference
Virtual Community Room
You MUST try this out!

We are proud to announce that has joined with HotConference to offer you an exciting new experience: 
THE NEW Unisinc Affiliate HotConference 
Virtual Community Room!

This great feature enhances your community, enabling people to actually see and talk together online!!!

The Unisinc Affiliate HotConference is an unlimited computer-to-computer video/voice web conferencing application that allows people to see and talk to each other, send text-messages, and see the same website, present presentation documents, and share applications on their screens - from anywhere in the world.  It can be used for private communication or with large groups of participants.

To get it all just click here to try it: Unisinc Affiliate HotConference Virtual Community Roon on the web.


The Unisinc Affiliate Team